• Data Analysis

    Data analysis is a process for obtaining raw data and converting it into useful for decision-making. Once the survey data have been received, we can conduct the statistical analysis based on the pre-determined methodology. We are familiar with all of the standard quantitative & qualitative methods. Most commonly used in evaluating the responses from survey research. We are also experienced in qualitative analysis, and therefore can explore themes in open-ended research questions, frequently utilizing the qualitative analysis. We can apply different statistical analysis software’s tools like SPSS, Minitab, Epi-Info, MatLab, R, Strata etc. depending upon suitability of data & requirement of client.

  • Business Analysis

    Business analysis is a research discipline of identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems. Solutions often include a software-systems development component, but may also consist of process improvement, organizational change or strategic planning and policy development depending up on the data. The value of business analysis data is in realization of benefits, minimizing of cost, and identification of new opportunities, understanding of required capabilities and modeling the organization. Through the effective use of business analysis data, we can ensure an organization realizes these benefits, ultimately improving the way they do business.

  • Sport Analysis

    LSC provides expert discussion of sports-related topics before, during and after a sporting event. Sports analysts are former athletes who participated in the sport being analyzed. We analyses Human behavior, health and fitness prediction from movement, physiology, strength and overall health data, from wearable, GPS-enabled, tracking and monitoring systems.

  • Market Research

    Data is collected throughout organizations from marketing, operations, production, human resources, and so forth. Business performance is driven by a transform of the data to knowledge—knowledge for cost efficiencies, for customer satisfaction, for quality excellence etc.This is a key element for a competitive advantage in the modern, technology-enhanced, environment.Patterns in the data that lead to efficient operations, cost improvements, and other benefits; can be learned with modern data analytics combined with our experienced, skilled professionals.

    • What are important relationships among the metrics?
    • Which are the important factors?
    • How do they affect the outcomes?
    • What settings of the factors are best?
    • Which customers behave similarly?
    • What are the trends and how can we model and predict.

  • Engineering Statistics

    LSC provides Design of Experiments (DOE) methodology for formulating scientific and engineering problems using statistical models. In engineering applications, the goal is often to optimize a process or product, rather than to subject a scientific hypothesis to test of its predictive adequacy. The use of optimal (or near optimal) designs reduces the cost of experimentation. Quality control and process control use statistics as a tool to manage conformance to specifications of manufacturing processes and their products. Logic statistical consultancy can help to study repetitive operations in manufacturing in order to set standards and find optimum manufacturing procedures for improving performance of the industry.

  • Medical Data Analysis

    We the Logic Consultants are expertise in Medical data analysis using MS-Excel, Epi-Info, SPSS, Minitab, Matlab, R, STRATA, etc. we can provide services for all medical related surveys, Disertation / Thesis , small research , minor & major research projects solutions with specific medical terminology interpretation. We will be very happy to work with Under Graduates [MBBS, BPTh, B.Sc (Nursing)], MD/MS/MPTh/MSc., Super specialty , PhD students of Medical & allied sciences for their thesis 7& medical data analysis.

  • Clinical Trial support & Analysis

    LSC provides statistical consulting and programming support in all phases of clinical trials. We are prepared to help our clients in all phases of clinical trial research, from the initial planning and study design, protocol development, statistical analysis plan, interim analyses, final analysis and report, statistical support for manuscripts and presentations.
    LSC Consulting provides experienced statistical support in all phases of clinical trials including:

    • Protocol study design.
    • Sample size and power calculations.
    • Statistics section of the protocol.
    • Creating & reviewing statistical analysis plans.
    • Creating / Reviewing / Participating in interim analysis & assessment committees.
    • Prepare analyses for final report, manuscript and presentation.
    • Close work with the clinical scientist and the team to provide clinical information in a timely fashion.
    • Close work with data management, medical writers and the statistical analysts obtain high quality data and results from the clinical trial.
    • Define database, variables, help perform database quality review and help define the process for data lock.
    • Define database, variables, help perform database quality review and help define the process for data lock.

  • Pharmacological Data Analysis

    LSC provides statistical consulting and programming support in all phases of Pharmacological Data Analysis.

    • Statistical input at the initial stage of project.
    • Support in study design
    • SAP (Statistical Analysis Plans)
    • Statistical Report and Analysis.
    • Drug Development Process.
    • Overview of Pharmaceutical Industry-India/Intl.
    • Overview of Pharmacovigilance.
    • Controlling the quality of product.
    • Use of quality control models like Three Sigma & Six Sigma.

  • Dissertation / Thesis Consultation

    LSC provides thesis help and thesis writing services to students seeking a myriad of degrees, including MD/MS [ Allopath/ Ayurveda /Homeopathy], MPTh, MSc. [Nursing/ Allied Sciences], M.Com, MA, MSN, & MBA degrees. We are specialized to provide thesis help & writing services to all discipline of PhD Students. We specialize in customizing our assistance for clients, to help them receive approval quickly and efficiently. You can also read a general overview of our thesis help services below.

    • Customized assistance based on your needs. Many of our clients come to us for help in statistical part i.e. data analysis.
    • Personal consulting on your project. We provide personal consultations to gain an in depth understanding of your University’s requirements and your personal goals for your thesis. This level of personal attention ensures that you receive approval as efficiently as possible.

  • Research Paper Writing Services

    LOGIC Consulting works closely with researchers who are in the process of writing or designing a study with the aim of publishing it in a peer-reviewed journals. The service is intended to help out students and researchers mainly form Medical and allied of Medical Sciences. Who want to publish papers in National, International or peer reviewed journals. Research paper writing service implies support services from our end in various forms and means. We work with researchers throughout the academic research process including topic development, Sampling size determination, literature review assistance, methodological specification, data analysis, and interpretation. We can assist you with qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods studies in nearly every field and analytic method.

  • Project Solutions

    LSC offers exclusive Project Help for research scholars, faculties, Research and Development personals from all disciplines of subject Specially from Medical & Allied sciences. We will support Right from the designing of Project proposal, Methodology development, for conducting pilot & Sample Survey, Sample Size calculation, data entry, data cleaning to conducting the statistical tests and further writing the interpretation report is done by our expert team. LCS can also offer the help to Minor as well as major research project sponsored by Government & Private agencies.

  • Training

    LSC can conduct training sessions for students & researchers [from Medical sciences, Biological Sciences, social sciences and from other disciplines] as well as industry professionals [ from IT sector, Pharmaceutical industry etc.], who wish to learn statistical theory, data analysis using statistical software’s with live example of their respective field. The received support materials that will help them keep in mind the concepts learned and that will guide them through their implementations. In order to offer the highest possible interaction between the participants and the consultant, we accept a limited number of attendees. We can also provide individual training programme for students, researchers & industry professional on the request & availability time of LOGIC Consultants.

  • Tutoring Services

    LSC can help you in homework or class assignments of Statistics, Mathematics & Computer Sciences of Secondary to Post-Graduate level of students & Researchers of different fields.
    Here's it works as follows:

    • Submit your question(s) to our consultants via the email address you will get a confirmation email.
    • Our consultants will work on your question and provide an initial response within 12 Hours of whether or not we can help within 3 business days. If we can provide useful work on the question as framed, we will then provide a substantive response within a further 3 business days, staying within the time limit you have authorized. The time frame may be extended if clarification is required.
    • Then you have discuss fees to your work to our consultants & pay the consulting fees Via Pay Pal or Online Banking/ VISA Debit Card.
    • If the consultants determine that they cannot provide useful work on your problem, they will let you know, and your initial fee will be refunded in its entirety.
    • If the consultants determine that they cannot provide useful work on your problem, they will let you know, and your initial fee will be refunded in its entirety.
    For smaller scale problems, online staff consultants of LSC can help you, at $10/hour. There is an initial minimum purchase of one hour, thereafter time can be purchased in increments of half an hour

  • Web-Site Development

    LSC offers comprehensive suite of Value –added IT services that set us apart in terms of quality, performance and value. We can provide following services of IT:
    Here's it works as follows:

    • Web Site Designing in Static as well as Dynamic
    • Web Site Development
    • Domain Registration and Web Hosting Service
    • Web Site Maintenance
    • Business E-mail Solution
    • Launching an e-Commerce Portal etc.

  • Software Development

    LSC offers comprehensive suite of Value –added IT services that set us apart in terms of quality, performance and value. We can provide following services of IT:
    Here's it works as follows:

    • Software Developmen
    • ERP Softwares
    • E-Commerce Softwares



LOGIC STATISTICAL CONSULTANCY [LSC] understand the importance and necessity of confidentiality, and provide all of our prospective clients with a Non-Disclosure Agreement immediately upon contact. This ensures you that your data, research, ideal and /or existing model will not be shared with any third parties, and your consultation with us is completely confidential.


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